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Upsell products Shopify

Upsell products Shopify means that we creating upsell products on your e-Commerce store using Shopify source code. Upsell products help your store have more sales than normal, which leads to an increase in revenues and profits. But what is upsell? And how to create upsell products? We will learn more about it in the next part.

Upsell products Shopify

What is Upsell?

Upsell is a selling method that persuades customers to purchase a more expensive product or service in order to get more profits. In order to help you understand easily, we give you some examples in which you may find yourself, a customer of the upselling method.

Examples and Types of Upsell

Upsell by combo

Imagine that you are in a mart that sells 2 boxes of beer. The first one includes 12 cans of beer with the price $17 and the other includes 18 cans with the price $18. In this case, we will not hesitate to take the second one to the cashier. Perhaps you do not think that you will buy more beer like that. And of course, you will be happy to pay and store them in your refrigerator for future usage. Thus this store will have its sales increase a half. Actually, 12 cans are just a tool of the method upsell by combo.

Upsell products Shopify

Upsell by raving fans

At the end of 2019, Apple releases a new iPhone version which is iPhone 11 with three cameras. However, let’s go back to the moment that iPhone 7 was launched, its camera can take photos and video with quality 4k so the capacity is quite a lot. If the internal memory is 32Gb, it is pretty limited because iPhone does not support external memory card. It is better to have internal memory 64Gb. However, this version just provides you 2 options including 128Gb and 256Gb. In this case, the purchaser will try to pay more $100 to have a higher cell phone level. As a result, the sale of iPhone 128GB will increase naturally because customers are willing to pay. Most of the purchasers who buy the latest version of iPhone or Samsung mobile are the fan of these brands. Therefore, it is not a matter of money with them.

Upsell products Shopify

Upsell by cross-sell

Do you often have a fast meal at KFC? Normally, we will have a drink, particularly, a glass of fresh Pepsi to avoid satiety. A small glass costs you 5$ but the staff here will ask if you want to have a large one with $7. Most of us will agree with this offer. This is called upsell by cross-selling. Customers are likely to buy right after they agree to buy the first product.

Upsell products Shopify

From our examples above, you should have had your own plan to build suitable upsell products because you should apply specific selling art to specific product types.

Upsell products Shopify or on other platforms as well, there are many factors contributing to the success of Upsell but the most enormous tool is information technology. I will recommend a helpful product which is Globo Upsell – Related Product app in shopify platform. It is the app that I have used and extremely feel excited about. It has a free plan, don’t hesitate to download and apply to your store.

What are related products

What are related products ? ” is a frequently asked question for developers. As a developer, you often receive this requirement form your clients. It is so bad if you have no idea what and where it is. This article will help you.


What are related products ?

What are related products?

We can imagine that they are products related to the main product which customers are about to buy or purchased it already. By recommending proper products, we can suggest products customers can buy together to improve their purchasing experience and increase the store’s revenues as well.

With Shopify in common and other source codes in general, we can customize the code to display related products. However, it would be a disadvantage if you have no knowledge about code. There can be various criteria applied to the related product widget such as products with same collection, same product type, and same product tag. Or they can be regulated-tag products or frequently bought together products.

Most of the above criteria are simple except for frequently bought together products. You need to go to each order of your store to find frequently bought together products. Of course, I am talking about this problem from the view of a developer using technique and algorithm to display necessary data. We do not talk about the case you get to the back end to check and summarize the orders.

Solution for people who do not know about code

It will be extremely difficult if you the end user when you have not studied the code or you are not sure where to add the code. If there is an error, you may wonder how to deal with it. Or it may be horrible if it has bad effects on your live site.

Forget it! Those things will never happen to you but you still have necessary features without paying any fee. All will be solved thanks to Globo Upsell – Related Products app. You are not required to know about code because there are available options for you to customize, click, drag and drop. You can refer to the following free features that can be applied to your stores.

Through the article “ What are related products ? ”, you must have had a different point of view of the way of displaying products on the product detail page as well as the importance of related products. Of course, you can purchase a theme supporting this feature or hire a developer to build it. However, if you want to keep the current interface unchanged, the app is the most optimized solution.



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