AliExpress standard shipping vs epacket is the consideration of not only purchasers in the world but also sellers who apply drop ship method to their online stores. It is because AliExpress system gives out similarly periods of delivery time but the shipping cost of each method is different. This article will show you the cause of this difference.

Have you ever ordered a product from AliExpress shipped to your country? It is assumed that you live in Great Britain. Usually, there are two shipping options for you. This product will be delivered to your country in 20-40 days if AliExpress standard shipping vs epacket are applied. If you use epacket, you will have to pay about US$2.77 depending on the destination. This cost may change a little bit according to your location.

AliExpress standard shipping vs epacket

You may wonder why you have to pay the amount while the delivery time period of the two methods is the same. The difference between 20-40 days is up to 20 days, which is quite general so your wonder is completely reasonable. If you have hundreds or thousands of orders, the shipping costs will become a burden.

I will give you a reason so you will see that it is worth paying in this case. Aliexpress Standard Shipping is generally slower, despite what the delivery time says. Also, Aliexpress Standard is tracked only to the country of arrival, it is not tracked all the way to the customer’s door. ePacket is tracked via USPS. However, there was one time I chose epacket but I could not check where my package is. This time I needed to contact the seller and received his support. The notification of delivery time on AliExpress is extremely general and not accurate. Sometimes you will receive the ordered products sooner than expected. But sometimes, products are delivered quite late. According toAliExpress regulation, you can submit an appeal letter if you do not receive your package after 60 days. Please read this article for more information dropshipping aliexpress in pretashop

Through the article about AliExpress standard shipping vs epacket, we can draw a conclusion that you have to pay an extra amount when using epacket. But instead, you can check your order via USPS to know the location of the ordered products. If you choose Aliexpress standard shipping, the shipping cost will be a little bit lower. We all expect that there will be more and more fast and time-saving logistics businesses. They will help drop ship businesses get more profits, as well as, customers can purchase at lower prices in a shorter time.