Since Dropshipping Aliexpress Prestashop was released, it has attracted huge attention because of its ability to drop shipping. All works are getting easier and done automatically with the module. All complicated operations now can be completed with one click.

What is the first thing about dropshipping? Actually, this method has existed for a long time, along with traditional businesses. It is the type of business that does not require the seller to have a warehouse or worry about the inventory. In other words, it is selling products of other sellers. Small and medium e-Commerce businesses are interested in this business pattern as it helps save costs of factories and inventory.

Dropshipping Aliexpress Prestashop

Using Dropshipping Aliexpress Prestashop, you can import products you wish from AliExpress to your store. Our module has various options for you to decide on which information and where to import. When an imported product is displayed and ordered successfully on your store, the module will optimize your work by offering an option to automatically complete the order on AliExpress with just one click. AliExpress will deliver products to the address provided by your customers. During the delivery process, you are able to track orders to know the location of the product on the way to customers.

Product import is a pretty flexible task as you can make use of the module’s diversified options. We will not talk about manually importing products to your store because it is so familiar with store owners. We will focus on the ability to input data based on CURL and Cronjob. You can change product prices automatically, for example, increase the original price by 30%, then give them a free shipping fee. The module is also designed to impose tax properly base on country and territory. All functions such as shipping, order, etc. are of Prestashop are still applied so you can manage it easily in the back end.

In order to enhance the power of the module, the store owners need to install an extension to your browser . This  extension’s name is Prestashop Dropshipping  . The primary goal of this extension is the connection between the AliExpress site with your site use module Dropshipping Aliexpress . After installing the extension, you can see the estimated order processing time on the AliExpress site.

We have just run through module Dropshipping Aliexpress Prestashop . If you are working on Prestashop platform, you can try using and test this module to get its pros and cons. Perhaps, you will find a solution with this module. Please let us know if you have any requirements.